About me

Already as a child I used to pick up animals and take them home. Our family grew with all kinds of pets. Only the pony I had on my Christmas wish list, never became true.
Francis of Assisi has always been my favorite saint. For me, it was so fascinating how he could talk to animals.

Now, as an adult, I am blessed to remember this fascinating gift. I have been practicing professional animal communication since September 2013. My own dog "Leni", who has been on my side for 16 years now, brought it up. In 2009 I had a problem to solve. I was searching in the internet for an animal communicator and the one I found has been a great help for us.


Due to Leni´s physical problems, I´ve learnt so many things about myself. She inspired me to do energetic healing. I have learnt to compensate energetic centres and optimize a body energetically. I work with crystals of light (healing symbols), use shamanic methods for trauma healing and systemic constellations for animals and their humans. I also write individual healing prayers for you and your pet.


Originally I have studied linguistics to become an educational teacher. In the meantime I teach children mindfulness, relaxation and meditation, too.