Communicating with animals New Energy for you & your Pet!

I am happy that you found  my website!

If you can answer just one of the following questions with "yes", a close and intimate communication with your pet is possible and leads to the way for you and your pet to solve difficulties and lead to positive changes for all involved.


  • Does your pet display any unexplainable behaviour?

  • Will there be a change in your life like; moving, vacation, a new baby, a separation/divorce?

  • Is your pet ill, physically or emotionally?

  • Has your pet disappeared without a trace?

  • If your beloved pet passed away, is there something you want to ask him/her or let him/her/it know?

  • When your pet is dying, do you want to support him/her and help him/her to walk over the Rainbow Bridge?


Communicating with animals can considerably help to have a harmonic

life between humans and pets. But the prerequisite is that we take the wishes and needs of our animals as seriously as our own!


Pets and animals are so much more than just our companions, they know all about us and they can teach us so many things if we just ask them and then listen.


I am looking forward and I will be happy to accompany you and your beloved pet on a part of your path together!

"All creatures on Earth feel like we do, all creatures  pursuit for happiness.  All creations on Earth love, suffer and die  like we do.  So they are an assimilated creation of the allmighty  creator - they are our brothers."


Francis of Assisi

(1182 - 1226) born Giovanni Bernadone, Catholic Saint, founder of the Order of Saint Francis