I will provide all described services after payment via PayPal.



Individual meeting


Scanning of the body (without protocol): € 35,00


Pet conversation  1-2 questions / messages: € 35,00

Pet conversation with maximum 5 questions / messages: € 50,00

Pet conversation with maximum 10 of questions / messages: € 75,00


All conversations are also feasible as a systemic constellation, that means I will "walk" your pet. After that I will pass on to you all information I got orally, according to my notes.



Full package


Conversation with missing pets (up to 2 hours): € 60,00

Conversation with your pet while you are away (vacation/hospital): from € 50,00 

Conversation with a foster from a shelter or similar place: from € 60,00

Accompanying your pet over the Rainbow Bridge: from € 80,00
(including energetic support)





A message from your favourite flower or tree: 13,-€



Energy (now also available for single plants/trees, beds, gardens, forests, meadows, fields 1,-/minute)


Energy sending with Crystals of Light (e.g. 'Healing' = energy of Archangel Raphael)

for the whole body or as you wish

5 minutes: € 20,00 (including consultation before and after)

10 minutes: € 30,00 (including consultation before and after)

From 3 successive sendings on it will be half price!



Energy sending (of Universal energy) for humans or pets

15 minutes:   25,- € (including consultation before and after)

30 minutes:   40,- € (including consultation before and after)


Optimizing all energy centres  / organs / the whole body for humans or pets
(~30 minutes): € 45,-

(including aura cleansing, crystal treatment, stimulation of the main energy circuit plus consultation)



Energetic spine straightening plus consultation: 50,- €




A short pet conversation, energetic cleansing and 13 minutes of Universal energy sending for


pet baskets, blankets, (transport) boxes, saddles, toys, scratching posts, stables, etc.:    33,-€



MeditationsA shamanic journey to meet your animal spirit (plus consultation)

via Skype/Facebook/Whats App:   40,-€




Personal online coaching via Skype/Facebook


Working with the crystals of light (~1,5h):

45,- €/h


Introduction into pet communication:

210,- €