Animal quotes




  • Hello, finally someone gets in touch with me.
  • Don´t wait for me anymore, I´m doing great here, the suffering is over. It has been so wonderful with you. I love you so much. I´ll try to come back as soon as possible. Until then, whenever you need me, I´ll be on your side. Be mindful and you will find out that it´s me. I love you.
  • If just all humans could be so careful with animals.


  • Humans talk all the time. That sometimes really gets on my nerves and my ears.
  • Killing mice is fun.


  • Well, currently I´ve no time for small talk, call me another time, ok?


  • Are you also leaving for vacation and do you also have a pet that will be left alone?


  • I did not want to stay away forever, I´ve just forgotten time. If I just would have known how badly they worry about me.


  • Yes, but for us animals it´s different. Illness always does make sense to us. We have to learn, make experiences. Humans think that illness is punishment, that´s not what it is. Everything simply has its own task.


  • Yes, she needs to take care about her own life to get better. If she does, then she takes care of me, too. She should also give much more love to herself. You people do not know how important that is.


  • You cats are able to see people’s aura. - Oh, yes that is very exciting. We are always able to know how you are feeling and if something hurts you, we just lay on that spot and take the pain away. Yes we can do that. - Great, thanks, for doing that for us. - No big deal, that´s what we are here for.


  • Tell me, are you that auntie who talked to Luna? She told me about you.That is real neat that you talk to animals.
  • Jepp, I´m a funny guy, smart, dynamic and really good looking ...


  • Such a stupid topic, it has been so great.


  • No, no, everything is fine. Cats do have their own mind.
  • Oh Silvia, I´ll be back, just in another packaging. For you people the last "good-bye" is worse than for us.
  • My human thinks you’re nuts.


  • It´s so nice and quiet here, they are all so nice to me, not like it was on earth.
  • She should think of me, but not cry over me anymore. The sad time is over, I want her to laugh when she thinks of me. I´m alive; just in a different shape.




  • You people still have a lot to learn. Stop eating us animals! There is so much violence, so much blood!


  • Silvia, why are you crying so much? It is so wonderful where I´m going.
  • You people somehow do not understand. It is just a walk over, not a "good-bye" forever.
  • It is good as it is. Let me leave, I am so thankful for the needed support. Everything is fine like it is. And send me your love, I will send it back when I have gone into the light.




  • They should not get so excited . Barking is what dogs are made for, that´s natural. I can not cover my mouth with a cloth. From time to time I have to bark.


  • Ohhh ... yes, my own human! That would be soooo ... great! Oh, Silvia, I´ve always dreamt about it, but never thought my wish could come true. *wooooohoooooo...*
  • Of course I´m happy like a snow queen, like a dwarf, yes , that´s how happy I am.
  • You humans sometimes do weird things.
  • You should love animals, not kill and abuse them, there are so many things you still have to learn.


  • Does it start now??? I tell you, that is sooo... exciting! Do you often talk to animals?...That´s good. And now, you talk to me.
  • Jepp, look at me, I´m a pretty one, don´t you think I am? :-)
  • Men, that lasts! (while I´m typing too slowly)
  • I swear, for the future I will be well behaved and lovely to my other mates.
  • But now you have to talk to Luna. "Lunaaaa...come here, there is someone who wants to talk to you!"


  • I want to stay! Maybe they could give me another body. Wouldn´t that be great?


  • Animals are best therapy!


  • I do need cuddles and love, even if I´m wild and tough. Now, you know it! It´s a little embarrassing for me.


  • Cats are made to get killed!
  • Ok, boss, I´ll do it. By the way, it´s fun to talk live to a human.
  • Don´t forget the ball, baby, I need it!


  • Such a question again! Of course I really like her a lot. I do not have preference, you people are kind of weird.


  • You humans are such a strange race, but some examples are really great!




  • Oh Lord, that´s what I needed!! Such a tiger so close to me. I´m getting some crises!
  • Tell him, he is not allowed to be in the same room when I´m present and not in my cage. If he is, I panic and I´m going to poo on it. ( parrot about the cat)
  • Yes, that made me feel good, Silvia. Talk to animals, that is good. Listen to them. They have to tell you a lot. They know more than you can imagine.





  • There are ugly ghosts around, I´m afraid there.



  • Leave the wildlife alone. We are different, talk to animals which are closer to the humans. But it was interesting talking to you.