What is pet communication and how does it work?

Communicating with animals is an old ability that every human used to know and every human can learn again.
Before I get in contact with your pet, you get in touch with me either by phone or by mail. I need you to give me information (problems and difficulties,  behaviour) about your pet and I also need a photography
where the eyes are visible. I need all this so that we can get good results.
Talking with an animal is like talking to your child. You ask questions, offer things or just give it a message or information. During the conversation with your pet, I write all the information I get down and send them in form of a protocol to you.
When you have recieved the protocol, I will be available for your questions.
I would also be very happy about your feedback.

Distance Wellness or Need to get some new Energy?

I´m offering distance energy treatments for you and your pet. It works like the telephatic conversations.
All I need for that is one preferably recent photograph that shows the whole body.

It´s easy to fill up your pet’s body cells.
If you want to know which energy centers (chakras) or organs are not working properly, I can offer you a detailed energetic analysis with subsequent optimization.

Accompanying your dying Pet

One day the sad moment will be there when you have to say goodbye to your beloved friend.

Most pet owners struggle with the final decision how to release their beloved pet.

During the conversation with your pet, I can find out how it feels, is it in pain? (humans’ perception is a different one from the animals’)
We can find out if he/she wants to cut the thread of life by itself or wants a vet to help it.
Conversations like that can make the farewell easier for both sides.
I will be energetically guarding your beloved family member until it walked over the Rainbow Bridge.

Online-meditation to meet your animal spirit


I can also guide you during an inner journey to meet your spirit animal: to the one that accompanies you all your life or in a special life theme. We can do that online, e.g. via Skype. You will get extra information about spirit animals before we start our journey and I will support you understanding the experience you made during your meditation.

Crystals of light

Crystals of light carry the highest energy.
They always work to create the greatest possible harmony. They are a wonderful support to work with the purest vibrations.

They are multidimensional, that´s why they can work in all layers of our energetic bodies.


You can pick out your personal three themes for a five minute mental crystal-light sending or 5 themes ( ten minutes).
You can also choose energy transfer to your centers of energy (chakras).


  • Centeredness: Come to your center. Bring peace and stability to your soul.
  • Creativity: Realize that you are the creator of your life.
  • Decision: It will be shown which decision will bring you the highest welfare.
  • Female Energy: Receive female energy and learn to balance your energies.
  • Forgiveness: Take forgiveness and forgive yourself.
  • Freedom: Break free in your thoughts and your actions and be as you are.
  • Grounding: ( 1st Chakra) Only who has roots, can get wings.
  • Harmony: Peace and balance, take it to a special room.
  • Healing: Heal your mental, emotional and physical body.
  • Humility: Be thankful by using humility to reach your goal, follow God.
  • Jesus Christ: Feel the love, the comfort and salvation that Jesus is giving to you. Get well!
  • Joy of Life: Realize and feel that you own everything to be happy.
  • Let it go: Let problems, fears, doubts and resistances go. Let them leave thankful and with love. Blockades will leave you and will set your power and energy free. Look thankfully and respectfully back to what you have left behind.
  • Male Energy: Receive male energy and learn the balancing of energy.
  • Mercy: Feel the support of the angels, of the highest power.
  • Passions: Know that time is an illusion. Just let things happen like they happen.
  • Peace: Become peaceful and carry it out into your surroundings.
  • Power: Give glory to yourself and feel the power that´s flowing to you.
  • Pure Thoughts: Make yourself free from evaluations, set yourself free from collective awareness.
  • Purifying: Purify yourself from those negative energies that make you feel heavy and blocked.
  • Rest: Go to your center and feel the calm and peace that comes from your heart.
  • Remembrance: Remember your task and your origin, your divine part.
  • Security: Let yourself fall, you are safe and secure.
  • Serenity: Know that the truth always searches its way. Know that you carry the solution for your problems already inside yourself.
  • Thankfulness: It sets you free from everything that leads you into illusions.
  • Transform resistance: Resistances will be removed and turned into love.
  • Unconditional Love: You will be immeasurably loved.
  • Wealth: Feel the wealth, feel how it flows to you.
  • Wish - Fulfillment: Realize that there are no borders and no poverty in reality.